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(Photo Gallery) Honolulu Comic Con: Aloha Saturday, August 5, 2023

Day two of the Honolulu Comic Con at Hawaii Convention Center was just the right amount of busy!

You could walk around the booths without stepping on someone's tail - literally, part of one's cosplay :)

While there were a great many costumes, I don't usually go up to everyone and ask to capture their likeness as:

- they just arrived and might need to check-in

- they are exiting and it might've been a long day already

- a long queue of folks are working for their turn

- they are there to dress up and not really pose for anything

The above reasons are just guesstimations on my part! One needs to be in the mood and mode to strike a pose as their character.

Also! The place I see the Cosplayer in might not be right to stop down and grab a picture...I tend to see people in the Artists Alley or Crafts Booths where it gets a big clogged up!

I do appreciate everyone who said, "Sure!" or "Yes, not a problem", with me #hobbyPhotography #thanks

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