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(image captured on April 30, 2023)

Thank you for being here today

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Nu'uanu Valley Park: My reset for the week (photo gallery)

(May 2023) The days get crowded into the next and I forget that I can pause. I can take a break from not only my work day...I can step out of my own weekend of unscheduled activity and breathe.

Not everyone has the chance or maybe give themselves a chance to sit within their life. It sounds luxurious! It's something I remember doing when I was a kid. Sitting in class and with my head resting in my hand, I'd stare off into the distance and couldn't wait till I was a grown up to do "this" all the time!

Sew. Buttons. Here is that time I went to Nu'uanu Valley Park for peace. It's so good and quiet, too!

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