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A.J. Croce Interview: "Croce Plays Croce" in Hawaii (2024) (Video)

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In early May 2024, I had did a Zoom talk story with singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist A.J. Croce. He was slated for two concerts in Hawaii - May 16th at the Hawaii Theatre and May 19th at the MACC or Maui Arts & Cultural Center.

(May 16, 2024) A.J. Croce performing live in Honolulu at the Hawaii Theatre

I had a great many questions for him though kept them on his songwriting process, playing with his current band and singers, and talking a bit more about his general journey into making music.

The Honolulu date was close to two hours of live music. No opening act, all A.J. Croce and full band and backing singers. I was smiling the whole time, even with the tracks I was not so familiar with. "Croce Plays Croce" was A.J.'s celebration of his late father Jim Croce's music, some of his own songs, and a mix of singles that both he and his father were inspired by.

A.J. weaves a few personal anecdotes into the concert and shares some images and video showing himself, his mother Ingrid Croce (who made a special appearance alongside his backing vocalists!), and his dad Jim Croce.

(above: A.J. Croce interview 2024, ahead of "Croce Plays Croce" in Hawaii. May 10, 2024)

A.J. is incredibly nimble and exuberant on the keys and he can dance around any song with great power. His equal ability to tenderly hold the notes and let them go is very special, a must experience live sort of joint.

There were a few songs I hoped would be featured of his father's list and he played them: "Operator", "Time in a Bottle", "I Have Say I Love You in a Song". A crowd favorite, "Lovers Cross", was also featured. A.J. played "The Man Who Has a Way With Women" and I was happy to hear that! All the way through, I didn't want the music to stop. The band was great, the singing awesome, and A.J. also moved from piano, to keyboard, to acoustic guitar then electric.

(May 16, 2024) A.J. Croce and Kathy With a K backstage at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu

His voice! So much life and living has gone into him being able to do as he does with his lyrics, other people's lyrics...I'm a fan. Happy to have gone to his show. It's jazz, blues, rhythm & blues, a bit of folk, some rock, some pop. His chronological age is catching up to where his soul and music is at hahaha I look forward to his upcoming album (he played "Margarita" at Hawaii Theatre) in 2025, maybe he'll tour through Hawaii again.

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